5 Ways to Wear Your Yoga Clothing Like a Fashionista

Posted on November 03 2017

5 Ways to Wear Your Yoga Clothing Like a Fashionista

5 Ways to Wear Your Yoga Clothing Like a Fashionista

Ok so the truth is I hardly ever wear so called "Normal Clothes" anymore, and to be honest, why should you? When Active Wear can be just as stylish!

Here's a couple reasons why I love wearing Active Wear, as everyday clothing. 

1. You can bust out a yoga pic whenever you want. No questions asked.

2. When does anyone ever say "Omg your jeans are so cute?' Literally no one. But they will comment on your stylish yoga pants! Not that, that is a must but it's just something I've noticed lol. 

3. They are just so much more comfortable. Especially after eating a nice big (Vegan) Meal ;) 

4. I love how my yoga pants make me feel! I always feel more free and uplifted when I'm in a yoga pant rather than a constricting pair of jeans!

5. Plus you must show off that yoga bum you work oh so hard for! Jeans just never give you the credit you deserve ;)

Below is some of my favorite ways to style my Yoga Wear or (Active Wear.) 


Let's start here!

This pic is a shot of me in my "Hippie Girl" Yoga pants. I'd say the yoga pants show off a lot more personality and expression than a pair of jeans ever would! 

All I did was throw on a hat, vegan leather vest, a long oversized top, and a pair of cropped booties! Literally, my go to look! 

My sis is wearing the "Chelsey" Slim named after her, and the way she styles her yoga pant is usually with a jean jacket, and her favorite pair of (Steve Madden)  slip on sneaker! She always looks stylish. 

If your a hippie like @outboundyogi you will want to rock the "Modern Gypsy" Flairs! Put these babies with a tied basic tee, oversized hat, feather necklace, bare feet and a fringe bag! You will be good to go! I just love how free she looks! 

For a stylish but sporty look. Grab a pair of the "Samantha Capri" & matching Bra! Pair it with a white tenni & a headband! I promise you will look as cute as ever! Oh and don't forget to wear your smile it defiantly adds to look ;)

My other favorite way is the classic late for yoga class look! Wearing the "Alexa" set... All you have to do is tie your basic sweater around your waist and a pair of sandals, oh and don't forget the sunglasses! It's a little sassy, but it's still classy :)





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