Our Mission

Our mission for BrookeTaylorsYoga


There’s a proverb that says: “I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me”…well these words ring true for me without a doubt! My Mother is the strongest woman I know and much of my strength, determination and character is a direct result of being blessed with an incredible Mom, you all know as Kris!


When my Mom and I started Brooke Taylors Yoga we saw there was a need. A need to provide a more Fun, Stylish and Higher Quality Yoga Active Wear designed by us and made in the USA. It was also very important to us to provide exceptional customer support whether it be through myself teaching yoga or to those that purchased our line of clothing…all of this still is the foundation of Brooke Taylors Yoga.

Then the mission of BTY magnified, it became more than just clothing…a mission that goes beyond making sure you just look great in our Apparel…

My husband and I gained an Angel on March 9th 2018, and ever since that day I’ve come to understand that my mission and soul purpose on this earth is to inspire Women Warriors…

Our son Gavin was our entire universe…and the day he was called back to heaven he became my calling and purpose, (Gavin Hart Crosman) is the Hart in all this… …he is my calling, my true calling. So now, because of Gavin my mission is clear. We now chose to inspire Women Warriors...

Women who rise above all things and support one another through all trials whether it be a loss or a victory! It has taken a tribe of women to bring me back to life since the moment we lost our physical connection with our Angel baby, Gavin.

Now trust me there are still moments, breaths and days that challenge my faith and cause me to momentarily lose focus…but in those moments, because of the women who support and inspire me continually I am reminded I am not alone and once again able to regain my power to push through.

I know there are many woman out there, maybe you…that share similar thoughts, similar challenges and even the same experience my husband and I just went through…if so…I chose today and everyday to be able to help you, to lift you up, to inspire your belief that you can rise above your challenge…I chose to give to you through my apparel, my teachings, my blog and social media post, in a way that was also given to me by other woman…Woman Warriors’.

The relationship I grew with or son Gavin, the experience I shared and continue to share with Him has truly opened my eyes and has broadened my mission of service and help. Because of Gavin we stand and Empower…”Women Warriors”…of all sizes, shapes, colors, cultures and walks of life – To The Women Who Rise Above All Adversity! …To the women who choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dim the path may look – to the women who help each other to find that light. 

Together we stand to make a profound difference in the world…ONE “Warrior Woman” at a time… a big shout out to all the women near and far who are helping me chase the light every day! Together We Stand and Make a Difference – Together We Are One. “…please know…even in your darkest moment the sun still shines…the sun will shine again for you, I promise.” ~Brooke Taylor