In honor of Brooke & Adams son Gavin, Brooke has started a mission called #Gavinslight. Once a week on Tuesday, Brooke shares and gives a gift of hope to someone she’s sees. This gift is from An angel Mommy named Brooke Taylor, her sons name is Gavin Hart Crosman, Gavin was born to early on March 9th 2018. Ever since that day, Gavin became the “Hart” of Brooke Taylors company & the “Hart” of her. Brooke Taylor Crosman decided to make it her life’s mission to impact others. By sharing Gavin’s light, Gavin has lit a spark in her to begin a project called “Women Warriors” Today her brand is based on inspiring women, women who rise above all & support one another through Trial’s and victory’s. Her mission is to continue her sons legacy through who she is as a person and her company. Our hope is by giving a gift to someone we see, we start to create a movement of love & a message of hope to someone in need. With every purchase you support this “Hart” felt mission. Let’s make a difference one “Warrior Women” at a time. 
Much love to angel mommies all around the world! I see you, and send you my unconditional love. Your baby is proud and watching you from above! 
With love,
Brooke Taylor