Wholesale Oppertunities

Thanks for your interest in partnering up with us! Our products are designed by me, Brooke, a certified yoga instructor. By being a yoga instructor for 5 years and deeply committed to the greatness of the whole yoga community, I've come to know what issues yogis have met when practicing yoga, and what they'd care with their yoga apparel.

So here I am! With an incredible yoga line perfect for any business owner who wants to elevate the options by offering more yogi and fashion tailored additions to your customers/students, I'm here to help you! And you're more than welcomed to reach me no matter what scale of business you own!

We design amazing yoga collections with printed yoga pants, exotic yoga shorts, athleisure yoga capris, hippie flairs for boho lovers, and yoga tops, bras that match our yoga pants perfectly. We also have yoga shirts printed with attitudes and yoga slogan, and jogger sweats/sweaters that can go with your daily mood & preference. The core of our design concept is to keep up with the latest trends while shine out your natural beauty.

I'm more than happy to see your business grows. If my yoga collections can help you with that, I encourage you to fill out the form below and let's work together to let your students/customers be beyond satisfied. I can provide styles recommendations that are exclusively customized for your business, hands-on experiences of styling, and ongoing support. Just keep me posted how your business goes!

Hi welcome to my shop!

Let's connect more! I'd love to offer you my Free yoga classes, Vegan recipes, Fashion tips, New product updates, Discounts and even more! All you have to do is sign up below :)